NFTeas to for Turkey Earthquake relief

We have partnered with on an incredible next generation Web3 project that we are calling NFTea.  

Our goal is to bring awareness and raise funds for the recent Turkey earthquake relief efforts. With this project, we aim to bridge the gap between the art world and the social impact world by creating unique NFTs that represent different tea blends.

Each NFT will be a creative digital representation of tea blends, accompanied by a detailed description of its origin, taste, and aroma generated through the power of AI and soonami's incredible mQuark protocol.  We love tea and all the varieties it can bring, in this project, users will be able to generate beautiful and unique pieces of art in a cup of tea and all the profits will be donated to the Turkey earthquake relief fund.

Our mission with this project is to bring the community together to support a good cause. We believe that this project will not only bring joy to our customers but also help in providing aid to the people affected by the earthquake.

We invite everyone to join us in this effort and support the Turkey earthquake relief efforts.  Our NFT's are free to mint but we strongly encourage a voluntary contribution through a paid mint option. Let’s use our collective power to make a positive impact on the world.  Click here to start your NFTea journey.

We know that for many people the world of Web3, Blockchain and NFT's is still a new concept therefore we encourage you to explore some of the articles below to familiarise yourselves and expand your knowledge.

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