Full Sail by Flying Fish Tea Co.

One of my go to teas for when I need an extra bit of comfort is a mug of an Earl Grey. So when Flying Fish asked me to try theres I was more than happy too!

Their (direct from website) “story begins in 1851 during a golden age of tea trade when the clipper named “Flying Fish” was launched at the shipyard in East Boston, Massachusetts.

In the age of tea clippers, speed and quality produce were of the utmost importance. A fast early arriving ship bringing only the best first flush tea could earn it’s building costs in a single voyage.

The “tea races” were heavily contested and followed by worldwide press. “Flying Fish” won many of the races against the finest clippers of the time bringing only the finest tea for discerning clientele.

Today we continue this legacy bringing you only the finest, carefully sourced and hand selected produce.”

To find out more or try their tea for yourself , hit the link:


Admiral Grey

For this blend Flying Fish uses Sri Lankan Black Tea, Freeze dried Pineapple, Lemon , Natural Flavouring & Bergamot.

As soon as you open the tea box you are instantly hit with the unmistakable aroma of the bergamot and there’s an underlying hint of the pineapple.

Let’s Get Brewing!

Whilst brewing the aroma of the tea doesn’t change from that of its dry state. The only main difference is that the black tea comes through stronger.

The brewed liquid is of a dark brown colouring as to be expected with a black tea.

I don’t drink milk with my earl grey tea so it will always be a dark colour but feel free too if you so wish!

Let’s Get Sipping!

First sip and I am very happy. This blend is very strong in its flavour which perfect for me as the stronger the taste the better for me.

It’s not just strong with black tea which is powerful but not that it over shadows the other flavours. The bergamot and lemon add a much needed kick to the blend and provide that much distinctive taste you grow to love and expect from an earl grey tea.

The pineapple side of the blend is very subtle it’s more of an almost after taste. Combined with the lemon and bergamot gives the blend a tropical twist. The combination works really well together .

This blends strong taste keeps you coming back for more. Especially when it stays strong the whole way through.

Just a perfect mug of comfort on a summers afternoon !

Happy Sipping 🙂