Our Teas

We have 5 amazing teas for everyones tastes.

2 Green Teas - Fruity Full Sail and Gunpowder Tea Intrepid Cannoneer 

2 Black Teas - Breakfast Tea / Builders Tea Sailors Brew and Earl Grey alternative, Admiral Grey

1 Herbal Tea - If you love herbal teas you will love this

More teas, larger packs launching later this year.


Our story begins in 1851 during a golden age of tea trade when the clipper named "Flying Fish" was launched at the shipyard in East Boston, Massachusetts.

In the age of tea clippers, speed and quality produce were of the utmost importance. A fast early arriving ship bringing only the best first flush tea could earn it's building costs in a single voyage.

The "tea races" were heavily contested and followed by worldwide press. "Flying Fish" won many of the races against the finest clippers of the time bringing only the finest tea for discerning clientele.

Today we continue this legacy bringing you only the finest, carefully sourced and hand selected produce.


100% from renewable sources

100% recyclable

Tea Temple – Made from PLA Mesh consisting of 100% natural fibre, so when it is buried under the ground, it becomes bio-degradable – Pop in your food recycling or compost

Inner Bag - Our Eco crimp bags are made from NatureFlex, a compostable film made from natural, renewable resources, such as wood pulp, and biodegradable and compostable – Pop in your food recycling or compost

Outer Carton – We use vegetable based inks and our FSC Recyclable carton provides assurance that this packaging has been certified by FSC and is 100% Recyclable. Pop in your normal recycling

Plastic Free - There is no plastic in any of our products