Full Sail by Flying Fish Tea Co.

For me a green tea is like marmite! I either love it or I hate it there isn’t much of a middle ground for me. So today I’m going to be sipping on Full Sail from Flying Fish which is their green tea mixed with “The mysteries of eastern blends brought to us through a refreshing bouquet of flavours with a hint of fruitiness. Perfect pick me up for the afternoon.”

Flying Fish Tea Co.

Their (direct from website) “story begins in 1851 during a golden age of tea trade when the clipper named “Flying Fish” was launched at the shipyard in East Boston, Massachusetts.

In the age of tea clippers, speed and quality produce were of the utmost importance. A fast early arriving ship bringing only the best first flush tea could earn its building costs in a single voyage.

The “tea races” were heavily contested and followed by worldwide press. “Flying Fish” won many of the races against the finest clippers of the time bringing only the finest tea for discerning clientele. 

Today we continue this legacy bringing you only the finest, carefully sourced and hand selected produce.”

To find out more or try their tea for yourself, hit the link: www.flyingfishtea.co.uk


Full Sail

For this blend Flying Fish blends: Chinese Sencha Green Tea, Apple Pieces, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Orange Peel, Calendula Petals, Grapefruit Natural Flavouring.

Upon opening the tea box, you are instantly hit with the fruity notes of apple, orange and grapefruit. With only a small hint of the green tea and calendula petals.


Let’s Get Brewing!

As soon as the water hits the tea bag you are instantly hit with the main aroma of the grapefruit and orange. The other ingredients within the blend aren’t massively noticeable at this time.

The brewed liquid unlike other green teas where you’d tend to expect a yellowy green tinge this one has more a reddish pink due to the rosehip and hibiscus.


Let’s Get Sipping!

First sip and I am very happy!!!

The main taste of the tea is that of the citrus flavours with orange and grapefruit. These two work in perfect harmony providing an almost sweet yet sour combination but being fruity adds extra zing and wake me up taste sensation.

On the almost after sip of the blend the Rosehip, Hibiscus, and Calendula take their turn proving a floral twist to the blend. With the mix of the fruit

The apple and green tea is almost unnoticeable. The apple provides a much needed extra sweetness which takes the tang off the grapefruit. The green tea adds a slight earthiness to the blend but otherwise is almost undetected which for someone like me makes this tea perfect. You’re getting the benefits of a green tea without the taste, so big thumbs up from me.

The blend is really refreshing and would be a perfect afternoon blend as is its zingy fruity and with the benefits of the green tea will be a perfect afternoon kick.

Happy Sipping 🙂